Monday, September 19, 2005

I didn't do any store shopping today, but did manage to some free flowering bulbs from I'm on their mailing list and so is my mom (who has ordered from them in the past). Well in early August I got their latest catalog in the mail which had a special coupon on front: spend $25 and get $25 worth of stuff free. Well when I visited my mom in early August in New York, I saw HER catalog which had a much better coupon "$25 Gift Coupon - no strings attached". She had it ready to go in the trash since she said she wasn't going to order anything. I pointed out the coupon to her and she still told me she didn't want to order anything and told me to take it. So today I ordered some pink lily bulbs and with shipping it came to less than $25 so it was totally free. I ordered online and instead of it being shipped to her, it's going to be shipped to me.


mrhaney said...

hello chris. how are you today? my wife and i love garage sales and thrift shops. when our children were small we would go to all the garage sales. now we mostly go to thrift stores. we love a is some information about us. My nickname is mrhaney. I am a 60 year old male married to a wonderful woman. We have 4 grown children . We have been married 39 years. I like good honest and caring people. I like to talk with people. I also like old music and old cars. My wife and I live in Atlanta, ga. I met her in 1965 when I was stationed at north island naval air station in san diego. We met at a dance and I proposed to her 2 weeks after. We got married on may 1, 1965. I got out of the navy in 1967 and we went to my home state of Massachusetts for a couple of years. We now live here in Atlanta and we have four grown children who are on their own. We have no pets although I would really like to have a dog, maybe some day. We are both retired now and we do a lot of remodeling on the house we are in now.
well you have a good day and drop by my blog some time, .

Lisa said...

Blimey Mr H, you sure do know how to leave a comment eh? lol

Hi Chris, I'm here because MrHaney mentioned you on his blog. You've obviously got quite a knack for garage sales and saving money. I went into a garage sale frenzy several years ago...up at the crack of dawn every weekend and trapsing around from sale to sale. I loved it. Now, I'm just getting far too lazy lol

The Old Lady said...

Hi Chris.Mr Haney sent me over.Good luck with more bargains

Dotm said...

Hi Chris, as you might already have guessed, I found your Blog with the help of mr Haney. Wish I had someone to go to garage sales with. I`m 74, widowed 3 yrs ago from a wonderful man I was married to for over 50 yrs. Still trying to get used to doing things and going places without him. Have diplopia ( double vision) , but do ok with the prisms in my glasses which brings the 2 images into one. But, I don`t drive as much as I used to. Used to love going to yard sales. Surprising what you can find at some of them. You do very good with all the useful items you have found. Must admit that if had someone to do the driving, I`d still be off hunting up bargains.
By the way, my name is Dot. I`m a Mom, Gram, and a Great gram and seems like the family just keeps getting biger. A new great grandson last month and expecting a new Great Granddaughter in Oct..
Much of my time is spent working in the woodshop and crocheting, and of course on the comp. Hope your garage and yard sales continue to find loads of useful items for you. Have a nice day.