Friday, September 16, 2005

Some of my buys this week

On Wednesday I think I had a "personal best". I hit 4 thrift shops in one day. If you saw where I live (out in the boonies), you would realize for me it's not an easy feat. Went to Smile (forgot what I bought, but I know I bought something of course). Then went to SPOT (a Humane Society thrift) and paid .75 for a talking SpongeBob Squarepants (already have one, but something went bad on the speaker). Then to Catholic Charities (where I bought nothing). Then to a thrift called HELP - which was having a .25 any pair of shoes sale. I bought my son a pair of watershoes and a new pair of men's Chuck Taylor high tops. Also bought a vintage Lands' End windbreaker ($1) for a newbie boater. The right arm is marked Starboard and the left, of course, Port. So with tax, I spent $1.57

With the price of gas, I also coordinated other errands that day, so it wasn't like I was just driving around trying to go to as many thrifts as possible.

Had a routine dentist appointment yesterday, which is located near V V. So even though it wasn't a .30 sale day at V V, I went anyways. Turns out they were having a "fill a bag of small toys for $1 sale". So I bought a big bag of toys, most is stuff I can resell at my own yardsale. I'll try to show a picture of it early next week. When I left the dentist I had to schedule my next appointment for a cleaning, so I made it for a Tuesday (rather than a Thursday), since Tuesdays are .30 days at V V.

Today my husband was off work and he wanted to go to the mall (an hour's drive away for us). We are going to a wedding next month and he needed either a new suit or new sportscoat/jacket. Since he's a big guy, he can't shop for that kind of clothing at a typical department store. So we ended up at Men's Wearhouse (man, they really want to rope you in and buy the whole "look". I think spending $29.99 for a tie that won't get much use is ridiculous!) So anyways, the bill came to +$250 for just a jacket and a shirt.

But even I bought something at the mall!!! Yes, even I shop at malls occasionally. What did I buy? Maybe a new outfit or handbag??? Heck no. At Dick's Sporting Goods I spent $15 on 80 pounds of shelled corn to feed our backyard squirrels. Apparently hunters use shelled corn as bait to attract deer - which I think is very sneaky and should be considered "cheating". I personally am not a fan of hunting.

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