Monday, November 01, 2010

Having a great time in Maryland - wish you were here

I am getting ready to contact one of my local buyers - it's a person who collects local memorabilia and buys stuff that I find. I knew I had some vintage-y postcards from this area so I dug them out. Here is one with a scary tall clown and a crying toddler. Yeah, that really helps sell the area as a vacation destination. I bought an entire shoebox of postcards for a few bucks at a moving sale a while ago. Some were used, some unused.

Front of Postcard:

Back of postcard:

Here is one they sent describing Las Vegas in 1967 (a person could probably write the exact same thing in 2010!)

I am not the best housekeeper in the world but I have a laundry tip to share: Make sure when you load your washing machine that a wire hanger hasn't accidentally fallen in the washing machine. The clothes will turn out all wrapped up around it in a big tangled ball. You're welcome.


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Anonymous said...

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