Saturday, November 20, 2010

#1 Yardsale Blog in the Universe

According to someone who is obviously very wise and is an aficionado of yardsale blogs - yardsalequeen is the #1 yardsale blog (in the universe I suppose) - click here for the list There may be other yardsale blogs in other galaxies but until I have proof of them, I will assume the title of the Best Yardsale Blog in the Entire Universe. I wonder what I win.

But enough about that, let's talk about me.

I did go to one yardsale today. I could have gone to more but didn't feel like traveling. I bought two $1 CDs (a fairly recent That's What I Call Music CD and Colbie Caillat). Finding good CDs is going to be my problem in the future. Too many people are downloading their music and not buying as many CDs as they once did. So therefore, less newer CDs will be showing up at yardsales. Waaaa. When I say new, I mean music that's come out in the past 5 years. I don't need another Chumbawamba or Spin Doctors CD, I have those. Hey, I just thought of something really crazy, *I* could go out and buy CDs in a store. That is an interesting concept.


Angela said...

Well it is wonderful to 'meet' the yard sale queen. I'm the Yard Sale Diva..LOL...I am no longer able to go for my weekly Saturday hunt of yard sales since it is over here in our parts..have to wait till May..From May till about the end of October, I share a video each Saturday with all my subscribers on You Tube and followers at my blog of all my goodies I purchase.

I hope one day to make this a full time job..yard sales are AWESOME...(now I said the awesome part real loud as you can tell,lol)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your title. Since I have no plans to traverse the universe soon, I will allow you the universal title.
As for buying Cds retail - or even in those used "record" shops - what were you inhaling or ingesting to even have that passing thought? Ahh, you made a joke!