Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Adios Gumby

Here is what I decluttered today. Bye bye Gumby. DH won Gumby for me at a carnival sometime in the 80's when we were dating long distance (at the time we were dating, he was in the military so he had to move to where ever they sent him). Then when I flew home, Gumby was my carry-on and I walked thru the airport with it (I did not buy Gumby his own airplane seat).

And actually today I donated more stuff than what the picture shows. I tell ya, having an organization making a house call to pick up donations is definitely the way to go. No loading up the car and lugging the stuff into the thrift store donation center and then unloading it. I also got rid of a table lamp that I received as a bridal shower gift back in '89. I was just looking at it the other day and thinking how outdated it looked, not cool vintage look, but just an outdated '80's look.

Speaking of outdated, here's a picture of my foyer that I took the other day:

It's an early american style (i think??) wooden telephone gossip bench. My mom was at a yardsale where the seller said to "make an offer", so she did - one dollar - and the seller said ok. It needed to be refinished, which I did. My guess is that I've had it and used for over 15 years. It became a junk magnet, coats and crap piled on it and magazines stored below.

Today I took it to the auction house where it will be auctioned Friday night. So maybe I will get some money for it.

And here's my foyer now. In it's place is my cool, vintage $10 1967 Lane cedar chest. I love storage. (Just pretend you didn't see the large ceramic crock overfilled with toys. Or the 20 year old linoleum flooring.) I have material and will sew a cushion for it. Of course it's longer than the chair it replaced, but it's about the same width. And it's actually more comfortable to sit on (even without a cushion).


Peggy said... he was huge! If I had been nearby, I would have taken Gumby off your hands. I have an affinity for Gumby and already own several. One is a Santa Gumby who is displayed with my other Santas every Christmas. Another (now in storage) is very faded and worn, he used to be "dressed" for various holidays and rode on the dash of my car.

Anonymous said...

Love the new de-cluttered look. Well done. Susan C.

Thrifted Treasure said...

$10 for that credenza, fantastic buy!! I got one recently for $40 but yours wins hands down!