Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tyler Bryant / REO Speedwagon / Pat Benatar

I took an eBay break yesterday and did volunteer work for the REO Speedwagon / Pat Benatar concert at the local museum. When I signed up to volunteer they said they already had too many bartenders and asked if could I do something different. I said sure. So yesterday morning, with Jacob off to school I went and helped label chairs for a few hours. Very low stress job - not like when someone says "I want 4 beers, 2 wines, a soda and no, sorry I meant 5 beers, and 3 waters, and 2 sodas - how much is that? Meanwhile, the beer line just keeps getting longer and longer.

So in the evening, since I already had a wristband, I was able to go back and see the show for free. The place is only like 5 miles from my house. Another benefit of volunteering is getting parking pass to park in the volunteer lot. After the concert ended, I was back home within 15 minutes. During the concert, I could have had a seat way in the back, but I prefer to be closer to the stage.

What the venue looked like as I was volunteering:

As luck would have it, guess who was next to me the majority of the REO concert? This guy:

But he was very polite - since he always apologized when he spilled beer on me. But majority of the time I was watching the show:

During intermission, my dancing friend said he would come back for Pat Benatar but he wasn't seen again. No videos of Pat Benatar, since I got informed that only cell cameras were allowed. Geez, don't they know who I am?

The place was packed - when I first got there - I strolled by *my* beer truck and saw the lines were very deep and for a split second considered asking if they needed help. Then I came to my senses and thought "oh hell no".

The opening act was Tyler Bryant which I totally missed since I didn't get there until after 7pm and they were almost over. For some reason I thought the show started at 7:30pm. I'm pretty sure they hung out and signed autographs most of the night. I was too cheap to buy anything and plus, I didn't see them perform. Snapped a few pics though on my way to visiting my super secret special toilet. Looking at them, I felt old enough to be their ........ older sister.

Of course I got up early this morning and hit a few yardsales. Most of them sucked. I did buy one cool $10 item, which I will post about later sometime.

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