Thursday, September 23, 2010

I hate all things curtains

I hate dealing with curtains. I hate shopping for them, picking them out, figuring out measurements, putting them up etc etc etc. And especially paying for them since new curtains are expensive. So if I'm at a yardsale, and someone is selling curtains - I don't even bother looking since chances are very slim that someone would be selling curtains that fit my windows and weren't ugly. And I wouldn't want to buy used curtains - have to stand around at a yardsale with a ruler and measure them? No thank you. And then have to bring them home and wash them? Nope, not gonna happen.

Our master bedroom has 4 big identical sized windows. When we first bought the house (20+ years ago), I bought new curtains that matched all 4 windows. Long story short, the curtains don't match anymore and haven't in years. I hate dealing with curtains so much that it hasn't bothered me.

But today at Penney's, I saw on the clearance table, curtains that would fit and they even all matched each other! What a concept. And they are in a nice dark color (we like a dark bedroom). Marked down from $50 to $19.99 plus I got an additional 15% off. So $72 to do all 4 windows and the curtain rod is already up on the windows. The curtains look like they are multiple pieces but they are all one big sewn together set (including a sheer) - so don't need to put up individual panels (and then realize I put them on backward) etc.

So here's the curtains I'll be using for the next 20+ years:

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Krystal said...

I hate shopping for curtains too...probably why I have a house full of pull down blinds (which I hate only slightly less than curtains). Anyways, great deal - good for you!!