Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bonus Post

I know I already posted once today, but today is your lucky day and I am doing a bonus post.

On Sunday, we went to a minor league baseball game - the Blue Crabs (cuz of course I had free tickets). And as luck would have it, the team was signing autographs when we arrived so Jacob got a lot of signatures on his thrift store Blue Crabs hat. He has two Blue Crabs hats (both from the thrift store, but one is a nicer, embroidered hat). But when we left for the game, the first hat I found was the non-embroidered one. Oh well. Here's Jacob getting an autograph from player #8.

I must have made quite an impression on #8, since he (purposely - I'm sure) spotted me in the crowd and hit a foul ball pretty much directly right to me. It did bounce a few times, but I know he wanted me to get it for Jacob. I have that effect on people. So here's Jacob posing with the ball I got. But with my house being the black hole that it is, I have no idea where the ball currently is. I remember putting it on the kitchen table Sunday night but where it is now, I have no idea.

And also on Sunday the clubhouse at the stadium was having a open house, so we ditched our regular seats and sat in the cushy seats. And that's where #8 spotted me and hit the foul ball to me.

I met my ebay deadline today so hopefully I will do the vacay 2010 post soon. Also today I went to Walgreens and saw they had clearanced a lot of their cleaning products. So...more cheap laundry detergent for me (the small light blue bottles were .50 each for 12 loads. So I figured $1 for 24 loads of laundry was a good deal. And I stocked up on other clearanced stuff like Downy at $1.39 each. I never buy Downy because it's too expensive but I'll buy it at $1.39 a bottle (I do buy fabric softener, just not Downy cuz of the price). Plus I used a bunch of Register Rewards to pay for it, so I only paid a little over $3 for all the stuff in the cart.


Mike said...

What was your goal to hit before the end of your eBay deadline? How has selling been, just as good as ever?

I just started selling this year, and after yardsales tapered off around here in the Spring, my "stock" kind of dried up (haven't found much in thrift stores lately either). I did really good in the Spring, so I'm hoping that when I find more stuff to sell this Fall, I'll do just as good!!

This upcoming Saturday is the "start" of the Fall yardsale season around here, so I am SUPER excited. I hope it doesn't rain!!

Chris at yardsalequeen.com said...

Mike - my ebay deadline had to do with the ebay promotion that ended 9/7 - list 100 items at any starting price for free. I have YEARS worth of *inventory* to sell!