Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sony PSP + $1 = SOLD! I love church yardsales

Today on my agenda was to hit 3 church yardsales. Plus other miscellaneous yardsales. Church yardsales are awesome for a few reasons: the cashiers are volunteers so most times there is no sentimental attachment to the stuff being sold (when there is sentimental attachment - the price goes up). And secondly, a lot of times they don't even know what they selling or what it's worth.

For instance today - at the first church yardsale I asked the price of two different items (why is it that I always seem to pick the stuff at yardsale with no price stickers? 99% of the stuff at a yardsale can have a price sticker, but it seems like it's always that 1% of stuff with no sticker is what I want)

Anyhow, the first item was an old Nintendo gameboy with some games and accessories. The cashier said it was $5 because of all the games it had etc. I told her I would put it back since I really didn't need it - she then suggested $3 - so I bought it for $3. Then the second item was the above Sony PSP (no cords, no games etc). I know they cost about $170 new. The cashier told me a price of $1. Then she said: "because it probably only has 1 game with it". Sold! Needless to say, she wasn't familiar with what a PSP can do or how much they cost new.

It needs a new battery (battery compartment was empty) so we don't know if it works or not but even so, the memory stick that it came with is worth more than $1. My guess is that it does work, it looks like it was well taken care of - no scratches etc.

At another church sale I bought some clothing for .25 each - it included two high visibility jackets from 511 Tactical I haven't tried them on so I don't even know if I'm keeping them or not. Maybe keep one and make Jacob wear it while riding his bike or something - not that I'm an overprotective parent or anything.

Did some decluttering today in the yard - we fired up my Troybilt chipper shredder (paid $200 at a yardsale for it years ago) and chipped and shredded some overgrown bushes they were turning into trees. They got decluttered.

I put up the new curtains successfully (that means there was no frustration and/or crying on my part). yea!!


Dude ! said...

Boo-Yaa! That looks like you made out on the PSP!

Conversely, don't you hate when the "church ladies' try to play antique appraiser and overprice stuff, that drives me nuts!

Charlotte said...

Score!! Don't you love the yard sales where the person doing the selling has no clue as to what they are selling?

Anonymous said...

You really hit it BIG TIME today. Love the jackets and for 25c each, what an out and out steal since I looked at the website you posted and they sell for tons....The electronics were outstanding as well. Wow! Susan C.

Carrie said...

Nice haul! Do you just check Craigslist or other sites for church yard sales? Many of the places near me (near Detroit) do community garage sales only the 1st weekend of the month, the rest of the time you have to pay to get a permit. This means opportunity for sales is lacking. Craigslist has been my best source for now. Thanks for the info.

Krystal said...

Wow - you got some great stuff!! Just recently moved to Lusby - love garage sales and saving money!! I hit a few last weekend. I bought a couple of decorative household items at this one particular sale and the lady offered me a dresser for free. When I went back to get it later she told me I could have whatever else I wanted for free too!! I was super excited b/c we are in desperate need of some furniture. It wasn't super expensive stuff but who was free!

rachelsjunkinthetrunk said...

This is what I call the WOW Factor. I love it when I am "wowed" with a great deal!Right on!