Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where the hell is my driver's license???

Good news and bad news. Good news - today I found my cell phone that I thought I lost yesterday. But I spent all morning at my yardsale worrying about it since I had no idea where it could be. Also spent all morning asking the guy next to me what time it was since I don't wear a watch - I just use my cellphone as my clock.

The bad news. I lost my driver's license. Again. The last time I lost it, I paid to get a replacement, only to find it a short while later. So I think I will just hold off a bit on getting a replacement. I stuck the expired license in my wallet, just in case I need some ID. I'm a slow learner - you would think after paying once to replace it, I would be more careful.

So I rounded up a bunch of stuff yesterday and threw it my minivan and did a yardsale today at the fairgrounds ($10 rental space). There are a lot of professional flea marketer type people sellers there - you know if someone is hauling a trailer and unloading 10 or more folding tables and setting up at 5:30am it's not their first rodeo. But you never know who will show up from week to week. I showed up at 6:30am and was surprised at how many sellers were already there.

I made around $225 today. It was too busy to shop all morning but I closed up around noon and walked around and found few things that needed to come home with me.

What I like about selling at this sale is that you can park your vehicle right next to your spot - so you don't need to haul your junk far. And with my minivan, I just open up the hatch and it provides shade and a place to sit down for a few minutes here and there. Here is my minivan (circled in purple - in the center). There is a center dirt pathway that people walk down and you put your stuff on both sides.

Towards the end of the sale - looking pretty sparse (I did sell that big group of plastic hangers $1 - yea!)

Here is one thing I bought today ($1). A nice scary ugly man McDonald's Hamburgler from my youth.

Uggggh - I dislike the "cutesy" kid hamburgler of today.

So the $225 was burning a hole in my pocket so late this afternoon I went and bought two tires for the minivan for $186 (bought the cheapest they had since I will probably be selling it by the end of the year). I figured seeing the steel belts coming thru on the front tires, probably wasn't a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Were you able to find your driver's license yet?