Friday, July 23, 2010

Went to the mall today and actually spent money ($3.17 to be exact)

With Jacob in summer camp and DH having the day off from work, he and I headed to Annapolis on the motorcycle for the day. It was a hot. I think I got a diaper rash from being sweaty and sitting on the motorcycle for so long. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, like 104 degrees. I wish I was going to Ecuador - if anything just to cool off. Only supposed to be 83 in Ecuador tomorrow.

There's going to be two yardsales (actually within walking distance of my house tomorrow) so I've decided to postpone my Ecuadoran adventure temporarily. I am still taking applications for those wishing to jet me to South America though. So keep the applications coming.

At the mall I spent a total of $3.17 on the above book. Also today, DH said he wanted to look at new cars - because nothing is better than walking around on hot black pavement looking at cars when it's 100 degrees out. I test drove one car which I liked - Mazda CX-7. Ever since my car broke down during a road trip, I don't trust it completely anymore. The dealer was next to a pawn store, which I had to visit. I bought my last car from the same car dealer, so I've been in that pawn shop before. Today's pawn shop visit was better though, since they were giving out matchbooks with their name/info on them. I have a matchbook collection dating back to when I started collecting them at age 13. So it's been a decade or two.

I can't remember the last time I was at a business that gave out matchbooks with their name on it.

Wow!!! They put Wow!!! on every price tag. I will have to try that during my next yardsale and see if it works.

p.s. did not buy anything at the pawn store, even tho DVDs were $2.50 each which I thought was a pretty good price.
p.s.s. Did not buy a new car. Not yet anyway.


Bounty Huntress said...

I love DK books and THAT looks like a good one! Sorry, can't help you with the Ecuador thing. :) Just found you recently! Love your website!

ZDub said...

Jealous if you get that car, it's so nice. don't buy cars that are like brand spanking new do you? It is such a rip, I bought my last car brand new and I regret it every time I make the payment.

You need to post about this, I'm totally nosy.

And well done with the matches, nobody has matches any more. Kinda sad.

Ms. Fyre said...

I wasn't able to mention it in time since I only just found your blog a few days ago, but next year you should try to get to the Kenilworth Rummage Sale here in Illinois. I spent $20 dollars this year and for that I got: over 100 pieces of clothing for my daughter, a 55 gallon bag of toys, a countless number of board books and books for myself, assorted DVD's and CD's, a smaller bag of clothing for myself, dress up clothes, a pair of toddler sized Crocs, and a pair of toddler sized duck slippers.

It's really fantastic and the Kenilworth Union Church has been doing it for YEARS. If you Google the church you can find information about the sale.