Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rain is a good thing - except on Saturdays

I like it when it rains, except when it has to rain on a Saturday morning, which it did yesterday. It pretty much kills the yardsales around here (the concept of having a yardsale in a garage and calling it a garage sale hasn't reached Southern Maryland yet). But I was able to get my shopping fix satisfied due to an "indoor yardsale" at a firehouse (heaven forbid they call it a garage sale). Here was my favorite seller of the day. When you asked her how much anything was, her answer was always "a quarter". For the heck of it I asked her how much the tv was - not because I wanted it I told her, it was because I wanted to hear her say something different ($5). She was fun. I bought several quarter items from her.

And on my way home, I rescued this guy who was going to be crossing the road. I walked him over to the other side (which you are supposed to do) and then saw some steep terrain. I worried that he may flip over so I took him down the steep drop-off and am thankful I didn't break my leg climbing out of there. Then this morning I had to go somewhere and saved a second turtle. I wish they would stop trying to cross the road.


eggfooyoung said...

the turtle think it's a chicken. hehe

PocketChange said...

Chris, you are so right about people not knowing they can have a 'yard sale' in their garage! In fact, today I called a well-known regional publication that has lots of ads because I was so frustrated when I tried to find 'yard sales' in their on-line site, I couldn't find any in this area. I was told the 'yard sales' will be listed under 'community activities' or 'events' because they are different from 'garage sales'. Huh? I told the representative that was not logical thinking for the general public! Ree-diculous!

Otter Mom said...

I appreciate your saving the tortoises. (Turtles are the water variety). They don't understand about roads and cars, I've seen too many of them become roadkill. Just watch those long necks!