Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"This is a nice piece of cardboard"

Back to school day for Jacob today. DH had to take his mom to the airport and was able to take the rest of the day off. So we did a little bit of shopping today - we went the whole summer without bbq-ing since our gas grill died. At Target the grills were 50% off and found one we both liked. With our old old gas grill I cleaned it out (relatively speaking) and filled it with potting soil and use it as a potting plants/gardening station (I saw the idea to do that in a magazine). I will dispose of our latest dead gas grill (our landfill has metal recycling so I think it would go there). Hmmmm...but maybe I need two gardening stations.

So anyhow the gas grill came in huge box with tons of inner boxes etc. I found myself saying "This is a nice piece of cardboard" (and saved it to use for ebay packing). I find myself saying odd stuff that in my previous life, I would never have thought of saying.

Speaking of saving cardboard, here is a new show my Dh told me about. Hoarders


Chelsea said...

oh yes, DH is right! You're def. a hoarder. lol

Chris at yardsalequeen.com said...

I prefer the term collector.

ZDub said...

Lemme get this straight...you turned your old grill into a potting station? Crap. I'm going to mention this to my mother and she's going to MURDER me for giving away her old grill that didn't work.

I don't think you are quite a hoarder. YET. :)

ZDub said...

P.S. Whenever we buy something and it comes in a box, my mother will save it.

"You never know when you might need a box that size..."