Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garage Sale buys

This is the stuff I bought while in NY. Most from garage sales. Made a few buys at a Salvation Army and a thrift store. Not all is pictured - I left a small portable $3 DVD player with remote at my Mom's (she doesn't have a DVD player and has no interest in learning how to use it but it will save me from having to bring our little portable DVD player the next time we visit and someone wants to watch Spongebob). The $3 DVD player is the most expensive thing I bought. I see one thing I paid $2 for (one of the Schmid music boxes) but most things were $1 or .50 or free. I didn't take the time to display the stuff nicely. Just laid it all out and snapped some pics. The one bottle of cologne that you can't read the label is Ralph Lauren (price was .25). I think the Little Golden Book was a mistake buy. I really don't remember buying it...I think I picked it up with some other books I was buying and forgot to put it back down since there is nothing special about that book. That jewelry box was only .50 so I couldn't pass it up. I know I can resell it at my own yardsale for a little bit more.

The day before I left for the trip, I checked that area's Craigslist postings for garage sales and made a list. My mom gets 2 newspapers but I wanted to hit as many as a I could. Checking the craigslist worked out since I know there was at least 1 good sale I made it to that was not in the newspapers. And since they didn't advertise and hadn't put their signs up yet, I was their very first customer (not an early bird) and got lots of great stuff. The seller said she was grateful that people read the Craigslist ads and when I told her I drove all the way from Maryland to visit her sale and showed my car with the Maryland tags, she was impressed.

Trip to the airport today was fine. I'll be flying to upstate NY in September (I made my reservations last night on Southwest $49 each way). The main purpose of my trip to NY last week was to attend my niece's bridal shower and next month is the wedding. I'm going stag. Woo-hoo!!! Paaaaarrrteeeeee. Ooops, maybe not so much. I think I'll be in charge of chauffeuring my mother so I gotta keep a clear head. BUT I do have 6 free drink coupons on Southwest - coupon booklet bought at a yardsale for $2.

Here's a snyposis of my visit to NY:

Wednesday: drove 497 miles to NY
Thursday: Chuck E. Cheese in the morning, bowling in the afternoon (I had signed Jacob up for Kids Bowl for Free and since there are no bowling alleys near us participating, I signed him up for free bowling at the lanes near my mom's house. Also in the afternoon I hit the 2 thrifts. Visited my cousin Laura in the evening.

Friday: went garagesaling in the morning. Visited my sister in the afternoon. Went to Kohl's in the evening since they were open until midnight (and its only about 3 miles from my mom's house)

Saturday: garagesailing in the morning. Bridal Shower in the afternoon. My friend Bev visited in the evening.

Sunday: back to Chuck E. Cheese. Visited my cousin Caroline in the afternoon. Went to a playground and then went to Aldi's.Bought some non-perishables and a $2.39 pineapple to take home. Then loaded the car up.

Monday - drove back home.

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Rhea said...

A $3 DVD player? Score! I wish I had one.