Friday, August 28, 2009

Bye bye almond colored self-cleaning stove with regular burners

It was bye bye today for my 1990 era Kenmore stove (pictured above). A little sad to see it go, the end of an stove era for me. But I won't be sorry to have to clean the stove top ever again and the spillage that seeps under the burners. And I won't miss cleaning those darn burner pans (I had black ones to hide the gunk better). We have our eye on a Frigidaire flat top model (or whatever it's called) that will match our refrigerator. It's been almost 2 years since we had our fridge makeover Lowes now has free removal of old appliances and free delivery but I figured since the stove still works fine, someone would want it for cheap. Sold it today for $30 to some craigslist person. But the way I see it - the stove was basically free - the $30 goes to me for my time invested in cleaning it up.

I think I've mentioned this before here (but I know I mentioned it on the message board). If you have a large purchase to make at Lowes, go to Lowes Moving and sign up to get a free 10% off your purchase at Lowes. People sell these certificates all the time on ebay. So there are obviously people out there that don't know about this Lowes website. I'm going to do a separate posting so maybe it will show up in the google searches.

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