Thursday, January 29, 2009

Started Christmas Shopping

I bought the above tile for $1 today at one of my thrifts. It will be perfect to give to my mom either for Christmas or Mother's Day or BD or something. She likes wine. That may be an understatement. A while back, I gave her a stoneware carafe that has "Cheap Wine" written in fancy script on the side (bought at thrift). That was a big hit too. So liquor-related gifts go over pretty well. I thought I posted a pic of the carafe here on the blog, but apparently I didn't. (And in case you're wondering, yes I photographed the tile on a Christmas tablecloth...)

Hey, guess who's back to eating butter flavored microwave popcorn? Jacob saw me microwaving popcorn the other day for the squirrels and then he decided he still likes butter flavored popcorn, and has been eating it since. I guess the old saying about how you always want what someone else has holds true. Even if the someone else is a squirrel.

And was able to make reservations for a 5 night stay at a 2 bedroom/2 bath condo sometime later this year at an undisclosed location - haha. I have to keep the info private, otherwise as you can imagine, the paparazzi would be relentless. I opted for a bigger unit with a terrace so after taxes and fees (cleaning/linens), it came to $476 for 5 nights. Afterward, of course, I will tell you about the vacation. Actually I don't really care that much to go on a land-based vacation but at least I will have free Wifi when away. And maybe I can sneak off and go thrifting in a new locale. Chances are very good that where we are going, I'll be doing some shopping at "the pig" (that is a general destination clue). Our last family vacation was the road trip to Arkansas back in the summer of '07. Yes, you read that right. We intentionally went on vacation to Arkansas. I hope this next vacation is as exciting.

I stopped in my Walgreens today and bought the above body washes for .39 each. They were on clearance for $1.39 and I had $1 coupons for each. Now that Christmas is over, I noticed today my Walgreens was back to clearancing out regular items.

p.s. Obama was right about calling the DC area a bunch of wimps when it comes to closing schools for bad weather. He didn't say that exactly, but I'm sure that's what he meant. I've been saying that same thing for years! Schools were closed yesterday and school was delayed 2 hours today. The roads were dry but we did have some snow still in the grass......oh the horror!

Back when I worked at the nuke plant, and drove in during a snowy day (I was a contract employee so I didn't get paid if I didn't work). The office area was practically deserted and someone saw me there working and asked what kind of 4-wheel drive vehicle did I have. I responded "I drive a car, I'm from New York".


egg said...

i love your humor! ya, better not tell us where you're vacationing, i hate the papz too.

Regina said...

I'm originally from northern IN, so I know all about snow. I'm in VA now, & we had no school on Tuesday & late start on Wednesday. Wimps!

Anonymous said...

I am intentionally vacationing in Cleveland this spring. I get all kind of crazy looks, but I am really looking forward to it! Rock n Roll Museum! A Christmas Story House Museum!

And, I live in KY, and schools have been closed all week! Talk about wimpy!

AntiquesNut said...

Come on! Take a nice long yard saling trip. I have just the thing for you next winter. (you already missed this winter's trip) We go on an antique shopping trip to Europe. We have a group over there RIGHT NOW (2/1) They are shopping the street fairs at Arezzo in Italy, then Tuesday they take a plane to the antiques fairs at Swinderby and Newark in England, then Friday night they go to Paris, France for the famous flea markets. Check out the website at I think you would love this excursion. Let us know!