Saturday, January 03, 2009

Someday....I will have my own personal pew

When I was growing up, we had an old church pew in our cellar (and still do). Why? Because my Dad probably got it for free somewhere. I don't recall it ever being upstairs in the main part of the house, it was just always in the cellar. I've told my mom I want it. It's really not too big I don't think. I should measure it - I think it would fit in our foyer, if I got rid of my gossip bench seat. But I would hate to part with that. I guess I just need a bigger house.

Anyhow, you can see the pew underneath the miscellanous junk. One thing I know for sure is that those cushions are going in the trash. I don't need a constant reminder of the funky smell of my parent's cellar (although it would bring me back to my childhood).

Another interesting thing in my childhood home is this antique Detroit Iron Works wood stove:

I can remember my Dad using it to heat up the cellar and I thought it was so cool to look thru the peep hole and see the fire inside. It's too darn heavy to move to Maryland. Someday I'll probably be looking for a buyer for it. Refurbished ones sell for thousands of dollars. My mom says that when she dies, I'm in charge of the big garage sale.

Here's a pic of Jacob hanging out in a wheelchair that he had fun rolling around in.

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