Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spent $355 tonight for a good cause

If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember that back in September I blogged about a little girl in my town who escaped out of a hell hole while her two sisters lay dead in a freezer. Tonight the man who initially found the little girl and called the police organized a fundraising auction on her behalf. All the money is going to be put into a bank account or something for her.

The auction was from 3pm-7pm but in reality, the actual auction took place from 6pm-6:45. There was music, inspirational speakers, yadda yadda beforehand. Only 30 items where auctioned. I won two. First item was a 2 night stay at The National Harbor. The National Harbor is a new waterfront complex with hotels and restaurants etc near Washington DC. I paid $225 for a 2 night stay in one of the hotels there. I went to the hotel's website and see that the price for one night is normally $249 so I got a good deal.

Oye...but now I am thinking, we'll probably go on a Friday/Saturday night. And so I will miss out on yardsales. Waaaa. Hmmmm...will have to check the school calendar and maybe do a Saturday night/Sunday night. Or wait until June when schools are out.

And the second item I won was for playing golf (for two) and some expensive golf course that my DH has never played at. I paid $130 for that - which is probably too much but it does come with a $85 Greg Norman golf shirt & towel. I had stopped bidding but then the auctioneer drew me back in. Participating in a live auction can get spendy. At least there was no auctioneer's premium or sales tax.

I took some pics with my cellphone. Will post some later maybe.

p.s. The free Suze Orman download book is ending tonight (if it hasn't ended already). I saw it at CVS the other day, where it was priced at $9.99

p.s. 1/17/09 - just added two pics to this entry. Most of the pics didn't come out very well because there was a lot of sun glare as it was setting. Some of the items auctioned were something called "press plates" from the Washington Post. I had read the info that came with it and it said it was sensitive to light and they were some sort of reproductions. I did not bid. And the emcee of the event was Spiggy - a Washington Redskins Hogette. He and his fellow Hogettes do a lot of fundraising events on behalf of children. During the cocktail hour, I was talking with a woman who was fairly new to the area and she asked me why was there was a clown walking around. During an intermission, Spiggy lead everyone (not me!) in singing of the Hail to the Redskins song. boo hiss

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Donna said...

That was such a sad story about that little girl. I hope she found a home where she can be taken care of. I live in No Va so we heard some of the story when it first broke but after all the hoopla dies down you wonder how the children fair.