Friday, January 09, 2009

Archive your files!

Just a word of advice - archive your files. That means all the pics you cannot live without if something happened to your computer.

My computer locked up on my a few days ago and I rebooted it like I've done before and it wouldn't come back up. The computer is not that old, maybe 2 years? And I hadn't been doing anything weird on it when it happened, like downloading crap etc.

DH had to re-install Windows on it. Then the internet connection stopped working and is still not working. It looks like it's connected by its not. Tried everything, fixed all the settings yadda yadda.

Today we went to Staples and I bought a little portable harddrive thingy for $99 - so now all the files I absolutely don't want to lose are on it. I am so thankful they aren't gone. All my pics from Jacob from 2005 to present. (Somewhere I have the older pics stored on CD/DVDs which are somewhere around here...) I really need to get my act together and get organized.

I am typing this from our laptop. I am hoping all my emails in Outlook Express aren't gone - thousands of emails there. Lots of yardsale stories where people sent me stories and I hadn't updated the yardsale stories page (in bad).

So go now and make copies of all your valuable info!!


zakary said...

I had a dream this happened to me the other night! I'm sorry you had to deal with this. What exactly did you buy?

Regina said...

Good advice Chris. I got a external hard drive for Christmas (that romantic hubby of mine!). I have now backed up all our photos that were on the computer. The photos included my daughter in the hospital when she was born in Nov. 2005 and all photos since then. I'm so glad to have an extra level of protection for my precious photos.