Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yardsale Pictures - and Weekend Update with a Santa Critique

Here are some pics from the indoor yardsale I did on Saturday. And below is a pic of the stuff I was selling. At the end I packed up a bunch of stuff to take to Smile. I'm generous that way, when I can't sell something at a yardsale, I donate my yardsale duds. (But a lot of people do that, I always see random yardsale stickers on stuff at the thrift).

One of the jewelry sellers had a unique way of dealing with customers:

It was a busy weekend as far as seeing Santa. Did a Christmas Walk thing on Saturday night and saw a boat parade. (It's where boat owners decorate their boats with Christmas lights and they sail around).

We saw two Santas on Saturday night and one on Sunday. Is it me or does this Santa look a little on the creepy side? I don't ever remember seeing Santa with bling before.

Then on Sunday we saw another Santa who must have forgotten his real black boots at the North Pole because he just had little cheesy black plastic baggies over regular people shoes. I believe that is a fashion don't. But at least he was jollier looking than the first Santa.

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