Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bought an Ugly Santa Today. An expensive Ugly Santa

While the cats away, the mice go shopping. My DH has been in Vegas with the guys for almost the past week, so while the cats away, I go shopping. And shopping. It's almost like a vacation for me too, let the laundry pile up, who cares. I get total control of the remote control. I can make yummy peanut butter, jelly and Frito sandwiches for dinner if I want (don't knock it until you've tried it - delish). But like I said earlier, I couldn't taste anything for several days so I didn't bother making food that I couldn't taste. Back to reality and dirty laundry - DH comes home tonight.

Anyhow today I found this ugly Santa at Smile and thought it could be something my mother may like. But then I did a little research and found the company online and see that if you were to buy one, it would be $92, since its made out of pewter by some artsy company. Mom is not getting an ugly Santa from me this year. The price sticker said $2, but Christmas was half-off, so it was $1.


zakary said...

Oh dear, that is ugly!

Are you going to put it on eBay?

Chris said...

yep, probably ebay. It will have to be after Christmas though. I am done with ebay for the year.

Regina said...

I prefer my PBJ with plain chips, but I guess Fritos will do in a pinch. LOL Love the blog!