Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yardsale Buys from today

Well I had my yardsale today, and managed to buy a little bit here and there.

.10 each snacks
$1 some lotion gift set
$1 2-pack DVD of Three Stooges. Will be a gift for my brother. (I don't think he reads my blog.)
$1 Fiber Choice Weight Management (new, unopened). Yes, I buy my fiber at a yardsale and I don't care who knows it. I've had this stuff before and it tastes really good. I'm too cheap to buy it at $12-$15 a bottle. I don't think the "weight management" part of it works though...
$1 blue vibrating squishy pillow. Probably for Jacob.
.25 wooden outlet cover
.50 Blue starter jacket for jacob
$1 Star Wars Darth Vader helmut thing. I have another one around here somewhere. I should put on ebay before Halloween next year.
.25 Penn. Dutch cookbook
.25 DVD Dog Sitter. Supposed to entertain your dog while you are away from home.
$1 Wooden slat window blinds. I am curtain/window dressing impaired so I hope this is not difficult to install. It's Fauxwood - which I know "faux" is just another name for "Fancy/Expensive/Fit For a Queen" :)

I will post more yardsale pics another time.

I meant to post this pic the other day but I forgot. At Smile I bought two plastic Adirondack chairs for $3 each. They look better in the pic than real life - they need a good cleaning.

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