Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better than Yardsale Prices

I am a #1 fan of yardsales, so it pains me to say that a retail store has better prices than at a yardsale. But I will somehow find a way to get over it.

I used my $10 JC Penneys coupon today and walked out with a pair of $24.99 jeans (for Jacob) for only .66 In addition to the $10 off coupon, I used a 15% off certificate I got from filling out a Penneys survey about my last shopping trip there (About two weeks ago I bought a pair of $5 clearance Converse All Star shoes which I intend to put on ebay). The jeans were on sale for half off ($12.49) and the cashier took 15% off that amount rather than taking 15% off $2.49 Actually I think it was how the computer in the cash register processed the discounts.

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zakary said...

Wow, it seems cashiers screw up on your transactions all the time. Lucky!

I used my $10 off and my 15% off at JCP last night. I got my son a Thomas the Train fuzzy blanket for $2! I was so proud of myself!