Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pretty Uneventful Week

Not much was going on in the last week. Did go to Smile on Wednesday and ended up just buying 3 books - Dinner Doctor (.50), The Cake Mix Bible ($1 - cuz it's hardcover) and Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals (.50). A few years back I bought the Cake Mix Doctor book for my mom for Christmas - a cookbook where all the recipes start with a box of cake mix. The Cake Mix Bible book and The Dinner Doctor are by the same author. I am gathering a collection of Rachael Ray books, so I will list them in a big bunch on ebay. I saw an auction where a grouping of about 5 of her books sold for $50.

Been trying to be good and declutter and get organized. Somewhere within the last 10 years or so, I've gotten really disorganized and all my paperwork is starting to really get out of control. I did declutter something yesterday. A collection I had going on in the kitchen. Turkey wishbones (and a few chicken wishbones). Come on, I can't be the only person who saves wishbones. Correction - I am a person who USED to collect wishbones. I trashed them. They looked gross.

I think I've pretty much finished doing the little mini-remodeling of my bathroom. Painted the ceiling, replaced the towel bar, took down unused soap dish that was attached to the wall from when the house was built, painted the baseboards, filled in nail holes in the wall and painted over them, fixed where the linoleum was coming up near the tub and water was getting underneath (I know all the flooring in the house is ready to be replaced but this was a temporary fix since I am not personally ready for the hassle that it would take to replace all the flooring). Put up Spongebob (yes, Spongebob) border. Now I think I just want to get a new toilet seat and new faucet. Will have pics later.

The year is going by so fast. Here is it almost March already. Valentine's is over and Easter is coming up real quick. I am glad that Easter is early this year. (It seems early at least to me). Here's my thinking - the stores just finished up with their Valentine's Day displays and now they only have a small window of opportunity to sell Easter candy - which I think by far has the best holiday related candy. Mmmmm Cadbury eggs. Mmmm Cadbury eggs with the crunchy shell. So with this short window of opportunity to sell, my theory is with a shortened shopping season, a lot will be leftover - and marked down for me to buy real cheap.

And the Oscars are even early. I gave birth on Oscar Night 2000, and that was at the end of March (I remember seeing Annette Benning in the audience looking extremely preggers and thinking "she should be having that baby now, not me!" Jacob was 3 weeks early and I was a little unprepared.


Anonymous said...

Chris - that is just plain gross! And think about all of the good luck you could have had if you had won the break of the wishbone.

Monica said...

I save the wishbones and then we break them, who ever gets the middle piece makes a wish!!!

Jessica Cox said...

If you're into saving money and love books. You should check out and their sister sites for CD & DVD swapping.

I love you yard sale site BTW.