Monday, February 04, 2008

Met the dog catcher and went bowling.

But not in that order. Yesterday the family and I went to the local bowling alley and bowled one game - compliments of Banquet tv dinners. There is a coupon on certain packages for a free game of bowling. I bought 3 packages when they were on sale for .88 each. So yesterday we were able to bowl for free. My husband and I each have our own bowling shoes and kid's bowling shoe rental was free. I bowled a 110.

Today the Whiskey dog decided to visit his other family a few streets over. On his way there, he came upon the county dog catcher - who happened to be in the neighborhood to deliver a cat trap to some family. Damn those cat trap wanting people! (So it wasn't like someone called to report Whiskey).

Whiskey has been visiting this other family for years now off and on (long story). Somehow he always manages to get out of our fenced in yard. We paid about $3,000 for the fencing and installation many years ago. Part of it is white picket fence, which we have reinforced with heavy gauge fencing - since he was squeezing thru the slats in the fence. We've poured cement in places where he has dug underneath portions of the chain link fence, etc etc. But all the time he manages new ways to get out of the yard and then get himself back in.

Well long story short - the dog catcher was very nice and just told me to get a $5 animal license for Whiskey and call him back with the registration #. Now the hard part, find the rabies vaccination record that I got a few months ago so I can get the animal license. Paying $5 for the animal license is a lot cheaper than if the dog catcher decided to take Whiskey for a ride in his van.

Maybe when I look for the rabies certificate, I'll find my car keys which are still MIA.

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