Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm now a Walgreens shopper

My little town is getting more shopping possibilities. A Walgreens opened a few weeks ago. They gave out tons of coupons to save $3 off a $10 purchase. Went today and used another coupon before they expire (on 3/1). I've never lived near a Walgreens so this is all new. In NY, I was always a CVS shopper (and still am). When I lived in Charleston SC, the drugstore that I loved there was Phar-Mor. What was kinda weird today - there was a nice looking, but older man (probably late '50's) trying to strike up a conversation with me in line. He was staring at me and his first words were "I love Walgreens" and then when he saw me whip out my coupons etc, he goes "A woman after my own heart" (he was, without a doubt, looking for a coupon clipping trophy wife). I don't think he saw my husband hanging out by the door, waiting for me.

Prior to Walgreens, we ate at a new Mexican restaurant. No, not a restaurant serving the food of New Mexico. A restaurant with Mexican food. The same family has some other restaurants so the food/menu was the same as what we've had at their other locations. But this one is real close to us now. And of course, used a Buy 1 Lunch get 1 Half-off coupon.


Anonymous said...

dont forget to use the wal-greens gift card option. you get a 10% bonus if you get a gift card indtead of a rebate check. then you use the gift card to get the stuff in the next month's book for free, and get an extra 10%, AND SO ON....i have a friend who hasnt paid for anything at walgreens in eons.

Anonymous said...

Very funny story Queen! I always here about Wallgreen, but the closest one to me is a Rx only, the next closest is only about 5-10 miles away, but with traffic it would easily take 30 minutes, so I haven't discovered their bargains yet!

Lisa said...

our walgreens here opened in Oct & it turned me into a coupon queen not only there but other stores as well. I'm so stocked on health & beauty aids that I've gotten for free or nearly free, I've had to sell extras at a flea market & to family & friends!! I LOVE WALGREENS!!

Kimberly said...

I want to be a Walgreens shopper but it's just so inconvenient for me to get there I hardly ever go.

Darla said...

We JUST got a Walgreens too and I was SOOOOO happy! (Our ONLY other choice is Super Wal-Mart uless you want to drive 2 hours).

Do you shop CVS on-line or how do you do it if one is not near you?

OMG anonymous #1s comments made my heart go pitter patter.