Saturday, February 02, 2008

Paint Snot

Yesterday I did finish painting my bathroom (including the ceiling) - yea for me! I no longer have the embryo looking stain on the ceiling (which was caused by a small leak in the roof. (Well the roof is fine, it was just where some pipe thing sticks out of the roof lost a thingy which caused some water to come in during rainy weather).

The paint I used is probably a decade old and had a lot of paint snot in it. I don't know what the term is but when I mixed it up, I saw a bunch of little paint chunks in the mix and when I painted, it looked like paint snot on the brush. Which of course was a pain in the butt to deal with. I should pour it thru a filter or something next time.

My bathroom is not finished so no Before and After pics yet. Need to fix the flooring next. Then buy the new faucet.


Something has been driving me nuts the last few days. I cannot find my car keys. I have a back-up set, so I can drive the car, but I want my regular set. The set with my million shopper's cards attached. In my effort to get organized, on Thursday I vaguely remember having the car keys in my hand to put a new shoppers card on the keyring. Well I still have the little shoppers card to add, but have no idea where I put the keys. I mean, they have to be somewhere here in the house.

I swear lately, I always have something lost that I am looking for. So besides the lost car keys, but I still have to find the new credit card that I know came in the mail and I need to activate to replace the one that expires at the end of February.

Happy Ground Hogs Day. In *honor* of Ground Hogs Day, our local newspaper ran an article yesterday, on the front page: Groundhogs: bad for some, tasty for others. Oh. My. God. I know I live out in the boonies but geez. Here's the article:

Groundhogs: bad for some, tasty for others

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