Thursday, January 17, 2008

I think I irritated the Thrift Store Gods the other day

The other day I was trying to justify to myself and you why I went to Old Navy and bought new-with-tags clothes for Jacob saying how it was hard to find him long sleeved shirts in nice condition yadda yadda. Well the Thrift Store Gods sure showed me! Yesterday at VV, I found not one but two Old Navy long sleeved shirts in nice condition for .35, a pair of Lands End jeans (in his size) for .50 and two t-shirts (cuz I liked them) for .35.

So now, if the Thrift Store Gods are listening....I never find really nice big diamond earrings at the thrifts for .50


emily said...

looks like you scored big again!

sir jorge said...

this post makes me want to go back to value village and search for stuff...even though last time it was a bad experience

Chris said...

Just to clarify, the stores I go to are called Vintage Value - not to be confused with a chain of thrift stores called Value Vintage. The stores I go to are not part of a chain.