Friday, January 25, 2008

Cheap Lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse

I signed up a while ago at Lone Star Steakhouse for their e-mail club and the other day in the mail I got a $10 gift card from them in some sort of belated New Years card. When I signed up, I got an email for a free appetizer but didn't get a chance to use it before it expired. So....since I had the $10 gift card, I had my husband sign up his email to join the e-club and he got a free appetizer coupon. We went today and were able to use the free appetizer coupon and the gift card and had a good and cheap lunch. The service at our Lone Star has really improved, for a while if you went there they never had peanuts or would be out of the free bread etc. (I could live on bread and bread alone). But today it seemed like they really have gotten their act together and the place was packed at lunchtime.

So just a tip, if you do sign up for the Lone Star e-club, the appetizer coupon that they send you via email will expire in 2 weeks, so its best to join a few days before you plan on going.


Monica said...

DANG there isnt any around here!!!

frugalfrog said...

There's one in the town next to us but for some odd reason, when I went to sign up, it wasn't on the list. Drats! I guess that means that particular restaurant isn't participating. Not fair!