Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Actually bought clothes with tags on them yesterday

Over the weekend when I was out with the kid and husband, we stopped at a little shopping center that has an Old Navy - I saw they had 75% off signs and the checkout line was at least 40 people deep so I knew I wouldn't be able to shop. Plus, its difficult to really shop while watching a 7 year old in a busy store.

So I went back yesterday on my own and spent $16.38 and bought Jacob a pair of jeans and 4 shirts. He has a ton of nice t-shirts and short sleeved polo shirts bought for .35 each at Vintage Value, but finding nice long sleeved shirts for that price is more difficult. So the shirts I got yesterday are all long sleeved (3 were $1.99 and the thicker rugby style shirt was $3.99. The jeans were $5.50. (The sales tax in Maryland just went up January 1 to 6%.)

I saw people buying tons of clothes. I never find anything there for me. At Smile the other week I bought myself two pairs of jeans that I love ($2 each), the brand is Blu. Never heard of them, but I love them (I don't care if I find out that they are a Walmart brand or a Nordstrom brand, I will love them just the same).

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