Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tis the Season for gift receiving

Today starts my three weeks of gift receiving. Anniversary, birthday and Mother's Day.

Went to a bunch of yardsales on Saturday. I need to be more careful in what I buy. Last week when shopping at VV during a .35 clothing day, I bought a cool looking retro inspired men's shirt with martini glasses embroidered on it. I get it home and notice a hole right in the front. Ooops. So then I thought "Well, I'll just cut the buttons off and throw the shirt in the textile recycling bin". I look again, and see someone had already cut the buttons off! (VV does not weed thru the junk - they put it all on hangers). I always cut the buttons off old clothes (that aren't suitable for donating) and save them. As if I really need a bunch of buttons. But it's a habit I can't stop.

Yardsales on Saturday were ok. At one community sale a seller had a bunch of boxes of monogrammed stationery from Tiffany's. The monogrammed letters were some unpopular letters like Y and Q. As I was standing by her table, she held up a box of Q stationery and said to her friend "If you go by the name Queen, these would come in handy". How did she know???? (I wasn't even wearing my crown). And no, I didn't buy it.

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Goobian said...

At least you can use the material for a craft project it sounds like really neat material! Scrapbooking maybe? Picture Frame? You'll think of something!