Friday, April 20, 2007

Motorcycle fixed. Glasses bought.

My husband got the motorcycle fixed. Get this, it was a measly $3 part that broke and made it impossible to change gears. Back when he bought the motorcycle, he found a website that sells the tech manuals that you download for about $10. The nearest BMW motorcycle repair place is probably over an hour away, so having that manual saved us the hassle (and money) of getting it fixed there.

The above pic is of a couple of glasses I bought to give to my Mother-in-law. Last year when she visited us, she told me she was looking for those kinds of glasses - vintage glasses with a rubbery texture and with a swirl design. I looked them up on ebay, so I knew what I was looking for when I scoured the thrifts. Well it took almost a year, but I finally found them (a set of 5 for $3). Yes I know I could have bought them on ebay for her, but I love a good challenge. And also by not buying them on ebay and lining the pockets of some ebay seller, my $3 is going to help local animals (bought the glasses at a non-profit animal welfare thrift).

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