Saturday, April 21, 2007

Recap of my trip to upstate NY

I never really mentioned what I did over spring break (visited my mom at my childhood home - neither of which is pictured above). My son and I were there for a week. We went to Chuck E. Cheese (twice), did indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golfing, went to a children's museum and also a science museum. Saw part of a planetarium show - we had to leave when the stars starting spinning - Jacob didn't like the spinning part.

Also drove around some of my old stomping grounds. Had to do a driveby at the old bachelorette pad, which I think has turned into a crackhouse. And also did a touristy thing and did a driveby of an Extreme Makeover House (the show will air May 20 - give or take a few days). Both houses are pictured above. I'm sure you can guess which is which.

And a trip to upstate isn't complete without some special foods. Had to buy Paska bread for Easter and that involved going to a little kinda rundown city for an old time real bakery. Another food item I love to have is a fish fry. Here is the place I went for fish frys on Good Friday. Not that I'm very religious and am afraid to eat meat on a Friday or anything, I just like them since they taste so good. Look at all the people waiting in line to order - even though I'm not considered a "local" anymore, even I know to call in the order and go to the pick-up counter rather than waiting in a Disney World type line that wraps around and around and out the door.

As I was going to the science museum (and driving by my former apt) I drove by Union College which has this cool looking building.

I took Jacob to an indoor bouncy/slide place which also had a bunch of video games. Well anyways, I saw this one for toddlers plastered with all kinds of Danger signs on it and thought it was funny.

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