Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Belated Earth Day - we celebrated by buying a gas powered hedge trimmer

Earth Day was this past Sunday - we went to a nearby town for their Earth Day festival. They had closed off the streets. When I took the above pic, my back (almost) was to Vintage Value. It just about killed me to walk past it and not go in. My husband would have had a shit fit.

Afterwards we ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then went to Lowes and bought a gas-powered hedge trimmer. Happy Earth Day. Here's a money saving tip for saving money at Lowes - get 10% off your purchase at Lowes (the coupon is good to save up to $500) Lowes 10% off coupon link I found this coupon by actually buying a Lowes coupon on eBay - many people sell the coupons on ebay, even though the fine print on the coupon says that coupons cannot be transferred. Well after getting the coupon from the ebay seller, I did some research and found the special Lowes website. Anyhow it takes a day or longer for the coupon to arrive (by email). So give yourself some leeway before your planned Lowes shopping trip to give you time to get the coupon.

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