Saturday, January 21, 2012

My old mirror mirror that is on the wall

Since I will be doing some minor remodeling to our powder room, I took some "before" pictures. It's very Circa 1992. We bought the house new in 1990, so I think I finally got around to taking down the crappy builder's grade medicine cabinet, adding the oh so fancy lighting fixture, painting, and putting up the dollar store peel n stick border around 1992 or so. And haven't done a thing since. I mean really, why mess with perfection? ha. But now the mirror is starting to age, at the bottom you can see where the reflective part of the mirror has gotten weird. It's like some cleaning chemical or something got behind the glass and started eating away at it.

I am keeping the sink and cabinet. I can never figure out why people go with those pedestal sinks. Not me. Where do they hide all their crap????


Sabrina Horton said...

Is the bottom of your mirror turning silver/grey? Ours is doing the same thing, but I always figured that it was from all the moisture in our bathroom (it isn't very well-ventilated).

ZDub said...

That mirror will look good over the sing!

ZDub said...

I meant, SINK.