Monday, January 02, 2012

Cheers to a Great 2012!

I've been away. I would like to tell you I was visiting a vineyard and winery in the Tuscany region of France.

But I honestly cannot say that I was. I did however go to a local vineyard with a friend. Of course I used a coupon for a free wine tasting for 2 plus free wine glasses. The place and the grounds are much prettier when it's not wintertime and raining. Wine is not my adult beverage of choice, but I can manage to choke some down from time to time.

And I just got home from visiting my family in upstate New York for a while after Christmas. Plus I may have stopped in to their Salvation Army once or twice, just to browse, of course.


Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY like the winery we visited in Baxter, TN called Del Monaco Winery.....even the building is the almost the same. Susan C.

wholesale fivefour said...

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Deana said...

lol about the fly catcher. I hadn't ever seen one before that show.