Friday, January 13, 2012

The Great Yard Sale Season of 2012 has officially opened!

I went to my first yardsale of 2012 (last weekend) so I know the yardsale season as officially begun. For $3 I bought a leather Stone Mountain handbag. Yes I know I already have the best handbag ever made which I currently still use and love but for $3, it doesn't hurt to have a little variety now and then.

And tomorrow I will shop at an indoor church yardsale, but then I have a feeling there may be a dry spell until springtime. But you never know.

I had a few other buys this week - from a thrift store. I was looking at our old rubbermaid kitchen sink dish drain the other night and thinking how old and gross it looked. And ta-da, just the next day I spot a brand new, never used one for $2.50.
I wish I had instead been looking at my old and gross mini-van and found a new one for $2.50.

Did anyone catch Storage Wars the other day where Barry Weiss found some old glass collectible fly catcher jars? The day after watching it, I found a blue glass fly catcher jar. The cashier had no idea what it was. I don't think it's old but for $1 I had to get it.

Oh and I bought an orange chair for $4. Depending on how the pictures turn out, my plan is to use it as a backdrop for when I take pics for ebay.


Cheapchick said...

I watched that storage wars expisode! Did you see the one where he dresses as a hobo?? Strange guy but good show. Great blog. Thanks for sharing!

Uncle Pladdy said...

I can't tell for sure from that one picture, but the orange chair looks like an Eames fiberglass chair. If so, that's a great score for $4!

vintagesister said...

who is the maker of the orange chair?

Chris the Yardsale Queen said...

first thing I did when I saw the chair was to turn it over and look for markings - but didn't see any.

Handkerchiefgal said...

Great idea on the chair!!