Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Didn't we just have Christmas????

Yea! My computer works. Actually my DH fixed it soon after I did that last post. Apparently somehow the memory card in my computer got loose. Thankfully DH isn't afraid to remove the cover off the computer and fix whatever needs fixing. If it was left to me to fix, I would just cry and call the Geeksquad or something.

Well my post that I started writing the other day about Thanksgiving just had a couple of photos that I took during our free hotel stay at Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa. Pics below. Both DH and I both got the promotions flyers, so we each got a free night for Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. Not sure if we will use all the nights or not.

I am so not ready for Christmas. Didn't we just have Christmas not too long ago?? And I'm not quite ready for the year to be over - I promised DH I would have my computer area cleaned out and while I've made a lot of progress, I still have a lot to do before the 31st.

And I have to get organized for an indoor yardsale for this Saturday.

Today I took another box of books to the used bookstore for credit. I currently have about $170 in credit at the bookstore. I would have had over $200 but DH used about $40 of it to get some books for himself. So basically we are just exchanging the clutter for other clutter.

I did some black Friday shopping but not much buying. I wasn't impressed with the sales this year. But somehow I managed to leave the house a little after 5am and not get back home until after 1pm.


Anonymous said...

There is a 2-night free stay & $100 hotel voucher contest on the resort website. Susan C.

EM said...

As long as you are the one taking clutter out and he is the one bringing it back, you win. Next time he says anything about the accumulation, you can say "Well, I did try, but someone kept using the book credits...." :-)