Monday, December 13, 2010

Decluttering Christmas

Today I did some Christmas decluttering. Last week both Amvets AND the Purple Heart organizations called looking for donations to pick up. Since I already said yes to Amvets, I told Purple Heart that I didn't have anything this time around. They haven't called in YEARS, so it was strange for them to call again out of the blue.

Back when I was child-free and the dang internet didn't suck up all of my free time, I used to decorate the outside of the castle for Christmas. I used to put up 10 wreaths just on the front of the house. I would hang them from the tops of the windows with ribbon, so it involved removing all the screens from the windows before I could hang them. Since my DH is scroogier than me, I handle the set-up, the installation and de-installation of any and all Christmas decorations. And re-installation of the window screens.

It all looked very nice, but well those days are over. I have pictures somewhere, if I ever find them I'll post a pic. Makes me tired just thinking of doing that again. Then have to un-decorate and store them 11 months of the year? The wreaths and a bunch of other miscellaneous goodies are going away later this week to Amvets. I also went thru the coat closet and donating a bunch of coats. And of course I always have books to donate. Speaking of used books, I think now I have over $200 in credit at the used bookstore.

I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get another replacement driver's license. I still can't find the last license that I lost and I thought it would turn up somewhere by now but it hasn't.

Here's a pic of the free flip-flops I mentioned getting a little while ago. My Dh bought a pair of sneakers at Famous Footwear and got on some mailing list. Well they sent him a "we want you back - here's a $10 off coupon" coupon. So I used it to get these $10 flip flops for free. Just plain dark grey. I am not a flip flop fan but I guess I may wear them to the mailbox or something.

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