Friday, May 07, 2010

Burger count for the week is up to 3

The diet starts next week for sure. And if not then, the week after. Today I went and had my free birthday burger at Ruby Tuesdays. I ordered the bison burger (the most expensive burger - I wanted to get the most bang out of my free burger coupon), which apparently is healthier. And if its not true, please don't correct me. Just let me think I was eating healthier.

As promised, here's my two piece I'll be wearing this summer. Did you think I meant a bikini?? Ummmm no. This has more material to it than my current one piece so everything will be hidden, concealed and sucked and tucked in. I just love it that the bottom is just like a pair of shorts but bathingsuit material. It will be sooooo much easier for when the queen needs to use a throne.

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