Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday gambling money and a snake

My birthday celebration continues. Earlier in the month, I got my free $20 credit to gamble at the faux casino, which I had to do before the end of May. If you remember last year during my birthday month I managed to turn my $20 free gambling credit into a free $28.95 in cold hard cash.

Well this year I think they changed it. You had to actually gamble your $20 in credits before you could cash out any winnings. I don't think I had to do that last year because I remember after getting the $20 credit ok'ed and showing my ID etc, the attendant asked me what machine I wanted to play and she inserted $20 in cash.

But today after getting the birthday credit ok'd, I was given a $20 promo ticket to put into the machine and it wouldn't cash out until I used all of my initial $20.

Long story short, I still walked out with $14.90 in winnings so I am happy.

Oh and here is a snake that was in my yard yesterday.

I had just finished a trek through the jungle-y part of the yard, knocking down some wild ugly stick trees with sharp points on it when I saw this guy. Needless to say, I was done walking thru our rendition of jungleland.


Modesty is Pretty said...

Yikes! that's scary how big was it? Better have those wild tress and weeds or she won't be the only one. Love your blog queen ;)

Chris at yardsalequeen.com said...

Maryland has copperhead snakes - which are poisonous - I am glad this wasn't a copperhead. I think it was about 3' long. But of course I wasn't about to get out a measuring tape and stretch it out!

Anonymous said...

I would have freaked if I would have seen a 3' long snake in my yard....SusanC.

Anonymous said...

I completely and totally agree with Susan C. We have those little garter snakes here and I'm ready to sell the house anytime I see one. A three foot snake. Oh my stars. :)