Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bad Yard Sale Sellers

Today was just an overall annoying yardsale day (or should I say morning). Went to one that was advertised as a community yardsale. It consisted of 2 small yardsales plus a woman with a small table of stuff. Pitiful. I spent a quarter at the "community" sale.

Then a little later, at one yardsale my total came to $6.50 - I handed the seller a $10 bill. She asked me if I had anything smaller. Really? She didn't expect people to need change? There was also a sign posted on the books for sale "I reserve the right to not sell you a book. I wasn't able to to thoroughly go thru them all. Thanks" Sheesh. I get where she's coming from but it turned me off from even looking at the books.

Then there were just a few that I had on my list to go to - but the sales were just non-existent. Like the person changed their minds on having a yardsale.


I love getting mail. I look over every piece of junk mail that I receive looking for the next great *deal*. Yesterday I received this sheet of coupons good at a local shopping center. I haven't been to the Dynasty Chinese take-out place in a while but I wonder if they've gotten all fancy, calling it a "restaurant". That's like calling McDonald's a restaurant. To me a restaurant has servers, not a walk up and order thing. And now their special is a $35 General Tso chicken dinner. For $35, it better be a ton better than their $5.25 General Tso chicken lunch special that I normally get.


CheapbyChoice said...

That sounds like the worst garage sale EVER!

Frugal Life UK said...

Hi Chris, Love your blog, however, I doubt that you need some of these purchases and you would double your income/savings if you didn't buy it if you didn't need it. just a though

Frugal Life UK said...

I'm sure you could make what ever salt and fat filled rubbish they try and sell you for pennies - when you get junk mail, unless it's for milk or vegetables, you bet it's for something you just don't need

Chris at said...

I don't *need* a lot of what I buy, but i want it and have fun buying it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I have enjoyed reading your blog.
I just finished reading everything. All the archives!
I too love garage sales and ebay.
I have bookmarked your page so will check daily. Keep up the great work!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

LOL @ the "I reserve the right not to sell you a book".

Sorry the sales were duds!

*~Dani~* said...

I would expect a $35 General Tso chicken dinner from a take out place to feed 6 and come with soup, egg rolls, rolls and drinks and I would probably still think that is pricey!

Anonymous said...

What is a 9 piece cream cheese? :)

Blogger said...
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