Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yardsale Blog Post - what a concept

I thought I would change it up a little and actually talk about what I bought last Saturday at the yardsales. It was a great Saturday weatherwise and I found some great stuff dirt cheap.

The new in package Leatherman tool thingy was $1 (will be an Xmas gift for DH), sewing box was .25 (mostly junk inside, except for a pair of Fiskar scissors which I will keep), Santa decoration was .50, cookbooks .25 each. New Celine Dion perfume was $1. New griddle thing $2. Easy Spirit sandals .50, new Disney 2 DVD set $5, Volkswagen book $5, Avon shower gel .25, beer sign $1, small crystal bowl- free.

The Little Tikes computer mice were $1 each, but now I find out they were recalled because - duh - if you unscrew the little thingy that holds the mouse ball inside, the mouseball becomes a choking hazard. I can return a piece of each to Little Tikes and get two $10 Little Tikes coupons.

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Tag Sell It Community Manager said...


The recall find is great. We generally tell our members to be cautious when purchasing kids items, but you turned it into a great opportunity. We love your posts, keep it up.

-The team at tagsellit.com