Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas in November

Today I did a little bit of housecleaning/organization of my junk in preparation of Thanksgiving guests. It's always sorta like Christmas whenever I start cleaning since I start opening up shopping bags and finding all kinds of neat stuff. It's like Christmas without all the hassle of decorating and wrapping presents. Today I found a nice Liz Claiborne shirt and a pair of St. Johns Bay (JC Penneys) pants for myself that I don't remember buying but I know I must have. (They were thrift store buys, not retail).

Also today I found my vintage Bermuda pink sand bottle. Back when I was planning my Bermuda trip, I remembered I had a bottle of sand, but didn't know what I did with it. I thought I may have re-sold it at yardsale or ebay. I bought the bottle at a yardsale sometime in the 90's I think. It was definitely after my first Bermuda trip. Its a glass mini-liquor bottle with a painted pink cap which apparently benefited the Women's Auxiliary Bermuda Hospitals when it was first purchased.

Last month when I was in Bermuda, I saw similar bottles in a souvenir store but the bottles were the plastic mini-bottles (at $3.95 each). When we were at Horseshoe Beach, I saw a beachgoer scooping up a handful into a ziplock baggy for a free souvenir.

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