Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shoppers Food Warehouse Double & Triple coupon deals

Last night I was looking thru the newspaper and saw that the Shoppers Food Warehouse grocery store was doing triple (up to .50) and double coupons (up to $1) starting today and lasting til Sunday.

So I stayed up late cutting and organizing my coupons and hit the store today. The pic above is my full shopping cart - when I normally grocery shop, I only pick up a few things here and there depending on what is on sale. I never have a full cart load.

My total before coupons was $223.04 and after I ended up paying $73.52 (159.52 savings)

And here is a pic of my buys. I didn't bother putting the Dr. Pepper in the pic.
That IceBreaker Strawberry gum - small rectangular containers (I got free after coupons), tastes awful. Its some sort of healthy gum made with green tea and antioxidants. Click on pics to enlarge them.


RESALE by GAIL said...

why don't they have coupon sales like this in Charleston, SC?

so sad

Chris said...

But you get to shop at Piggly Wiggly!!! When I lived in Charleston, I used to love a discount drug store called Phar-Mor. Don't think its in business anymore.

Anonymous said...

no place where I live outside Buffalo, NY does double coupons! At least we have Aldi's.