Thursday, October 02, 2008

It really is a small world.....

A little while ago I mentioned one of my former coworkers had written a book, and I oh so conveniently linked it to Amazon if anyone was interested in reading about it.

So I was at Smile last week looking at the kid's books and happened to see a Stuart Little book on the shelf. I kinda smiled to myself and then moved a few feet away to peruse the toy section. A few minutes later a mother and her daughter start looking at the books and the mom points to the Stuart Little book and says "Hey, there's that book that the little girl didn't want to read". So of course I interrupt and say "You mean Moxy Maxwell! I read that too! I used to work with the author." (Surprisingly, they didn't even ask for my autograph. Or curtsy.)

And then I go to the library and see a copy of Moxy Maxwell on a book pedestal thingy on the counter with a notice that Moxy Maxwell was the next book to read for the girl's "Traveling Pants Book Club" or something.

I was looking thru my pics the other day, (I wanted to see my old Bermuda pics) and came across a pic of my buddy Beverly (on the left) and future famous Moxy Maxwell author Peggy Gifford (on the right). We all worked together and after I quit, I moved to Charleston SC, and after Peggy quit, she moved to Myrtle Beach. This pic was taken when Bev came down from New York and visited us both in South Carolina.

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