Saturday, October 04, 2008

Dyn-o-Mite Yardsales

But actually the yardsales today were not so dyn-o-mite, except at the one yardsale where I bought a JJ Walker from Good Times doll for $1. At that sale I also bought a Boober and a Red Foxx doll at $1 ea. (Boober, you know, from Fraggle Rock). Also bought a sealed DVD of Witness for .50 and I paid .50 at a different sale for the Wizard of Oz DVD. The blue thing on the bottom is a meshy beach bag (.50)

The church sale was ok. I didn't feel like clothes shopping. I usually find some neat vintage toys there, but not today. At that sale I bought the new Pampered Chef bowl (I think its a bowl anyway) for .25, a Eddie Bauer light jacket ($2) for Jacob to grow into (not in picture), and a stack of CDs for .10 each. I already have that Amanda Marshall CD (bought years ago at a different yardsale) - but had to buy another (I have a shopping sickness!!). I highly recommend that CD. She's someone you've probably never heard of - I just added one of her songs to my Myspace page (linked over there on the side), so if you want to hear one of her songs go to my Myspace page.

I also bought Jacob some books (not pictured). The new snorkel gear was .50 and so was those new pool toys (skimming discs). The little snowmen ornaments from Hallmark were $1 (Hallmark price tag says $18). Not sure if I will keep them, gift them, or resell them. They are cute.

p.s. To the person who was concerned over my soda addiction - don't worry I am trying to drink water. I am proud to say that I have actually had some water recently. I had some water on Friday. Really - that is an improvement over no water.

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