Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More on Gretchen Wilson concert

It was a lot of fun *working* at the concert, selling beer, wine and sodas. Volunteers got free soda & water. Prices were ridiculous, of course. $4 for wine, $4 for a cup of beer and $2 for cans of soda or water. So doing the math was pretty easy - and having my tons of yardsale experience in wearing a carpenter's apron and making change came in handy. The really ironic thing was, people were actually buying the $2 cans of soda and water. If they walked 30 feet away, there were two soda vending machines, selling large 16 oz bottles for $1.25. All the tip money went towards one of the museum's restoration projects. I was at a BJ's warehouse today and saw that a CASE of water, 35 bottles cost around $6.00. At $2 a bottle, that same case would have sold for $70 at the concert.

I definitely want to volunteer at future concerts. I couldn't sign up for the last one since Jeff was out of town on business (so no one around to watch Jacob).

Near the stage, there was a walkway allowed for taking pics close to the stage. But of course, getting a good concert pic is difficult at night with a little Sony digital camera, but I think these came out pretty good, considering. Afterwards I was kicking myself though - I should have taken Gretchen some flowers! A local florist has a coupon for a free rose with all the bells & whistles. I am sure Security would have let me hand her the rose (which of course I would have attached one of my business cards). Oh well, next time, next concert I will think of that!

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