Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yardsale buys today

Sorry for the long lapse in blog entries. It seems time just flies by and I don't have time to do anything, except shop that is. I gotta get a handle on my shopping addiction!

Only went to two yardsales today. No I wasn't restricting myself or anything, it was just that because the weather was so crappy yesterday there weren't many going on in my area. And I didn't want to drive far to find them.

I spent $5 at one sale ($0 at the other). Paid $3 for this new chocolate fondue fountain, $1 for a new Playdoh Lunchables kit and $1 for a new Disney Goofy Golf game (which I will put away for Christmas).

The funny thing about the fondue fountain is that on the fountain itself, it says "Old Fashioned Chocolate Fondue Fountain". Old Fashioned??? Just like grandma's electric chocolate fountain????

I sent in my reservation to attend a high school reunion later this month. My chance to get away by myself for a few days. Going to the reunion will be interesting since none of my friends that I've kept in touch with since high school are going.

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