Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cutest Yardsale Customer of the day

One woman brought her cute little dog to the yardsale and when she saw me take his picture, she ran to the car and put on his Halloween costume for me.

Oh I forgot to mention in my previous post, before I set up for the church yardsale, I went to a few that had started early. At one sale, I bought a huge box of household decor stuff for $2. I only wanted a brand new medium sized Yankee Candle that was in the box (probably a $15 candle). So at my yardsale, I went thru the box and priced a few things at $1 each, .50 each, and probably sold $4 or $5 worth of stuff just out of that box - and of course I got the brand new Yankee Candle to boot! The rest of the stuff that I didn't think would sell, I set up a "freebie box" and a lot of that went too. Afterwards when I was closing up, I packed up a big box of stuff and donated it to a local animal rescue thrift store (luckily it was very close to the church).


noel said...

That is the cutest picture ever! Especially the smirk on the dog's face! You should submit it to

p.s. loooove your blog

skyrocketstar said...

Aww! That dog is adorable! :D